Unemployment India’s biggest concern, direct selling at rescue.

Direct Selling is a booming and fastest growing industry in India , a boon for an economy and employment generation towards better future. It boosts confidence of individuals and therefore leading the industry as well as the workforce involved, to a higher growth trajectory.

It is an attractive option, allowing people to manage their own business with minimal outlay as well as generate an income.

“Unemployment still remains one of the biggest concerns for the Government, which under the leadership of PM Modi is striving hard to generate more employment. It is not an issue that can be tackled in a jiffy.

Rather, it will need a combined effort of government and industries to improve the unemployment ratio, that too over a period of time,” believes Secretary General, Indian Direct Selling Association, Amit Chadha.

The Direct Selling Guidelines 2016 (“Guidelines”) have been issued by Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution as guiding principles for State , the direct selling industry has the potential to touch Rs 64,500 crore in turnover by 2025, from a Rs 7,200 crore size now, felt industry experts here.

The Industries too have realized the importance of having skilled workforce and hence there have been conscious efforts on their part to value add to the skills of their resources.

Why Direct Selling Is A Great Opportunity ,Direct Selling Has Great Advantage.

  1. Zero Investment
  2. No Education Requirement
  3. No Infrastructure Required
  4. One Has To Maintain Minimum Accounting
  5. Very Low Exit Barrier
  6. Unlimited Income
  7. Can Do From Home
  8. You don’t need to do it full time or even any set number of hours per week.

The main attraction of working in this industry is the option of flexible hours people work at their own leisure and time, without being bound to strict timelines. Many working people join Direct Selling as a supplementary earning opportunity.

“The need of the hour is to give boost to an Industry like Direct Selling that has a socio-economic impact to the lives of many. Not only it generates employment, as a result, the Industry also empowers its workforce with skill, knowledge, power to express, improving interpersonal skills and above all, lead a life of a ‘leader, inspiring other to replicate their success,’ Chadha further asserted.