What is direct selling business ? Everyone have a question on mind.

Direct selling is a most respected business model. direct selling can help fulfill  entrepreneur dream  to everyone.

The definition of direct selling is:-

Direct selling:-"Movement of a product or service from the ultimate consumer through a network of consumers".

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Direct Selling-"Selling of a products or services in face to face presentation in good faith to a customer"

Direct Selling-"Sales made through the Home plan,one to one demonstration and sale of products or services to consumers".


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Types Of Direct Selling

2 Types of direct selling business models.

  1. Single level marketing
  2. Multi level marketing

1. Single Level Marketing:- In this business model a person buying products from a direct selling company and selling then to direct customers and sponsor new direct seller and earning  commission from there efforts.

2. Multi Level Marketing:-in this model is person to person marketing,seller earn money both direct sales to customer and sponsoring new direct sellers and earning from there efforts.